SOAR presents SDC

SOAR Overview

SOAR provides opportunities for the young dancers and the urban dance scene to connect with the world through competitions & showcase performances.

Through international partnerships we continue to create a worldwide platform for dancers to network, share and be inspired within a positive environment, enabling them to 'SOAR' to new heights and see their dreams come true.

Soar exists for all who can move and use dance as a form of self expression.’

Josh Ricketts SOAR Founder

SOAR presents SDC

The Humble Beginnings

SOAR was created out of a love and passion for dance. Founder Josh Ricketts had been running a dance studio in Bolton for 5 years and began to see an amazing amount of creative, talented dancers that needed a platform...

SOAR presents SDC


Working in secondary schools, Josh came across a lot of young people who were very passionate about dance and music but were restricted with the opportunities in Bolton. He set up an under 18’s club night and began promoting it with PA’s from the likes of Chipmunk and Tinchy Stryder. It was a huge success which led him to set up a dance crew called RDC with a fellow dance enthusiast called Funky Lou. They managed to secure backing from the local council and community.

Josh began to see more and more that there was a need for a safe space where young people could showcase their talents and creativity. So armed with his degree in Events Management, Josh decided to look at the dance scene and how he could offer events as well as dance classes and camps.

In 2011, SOAR was born

SOAR presents SDC

Fast forward...

  • 60+ competitions have been completed
  • 25,000+ dancers have participated
  • 10 years+ of SOAR Dance Competitions

And we are now one of the UK’s most popular dance competitions and still going strong.

SOAR has experienced a phenomenal growth in popularity that we have added our annual competitions.

SOAR Super Weekender

SOAR Super Weekender

Super Weekender started due to our connections with dance schools and companies globally wanting a large scale weekend event to attend. Working with dance colleges we've built relationships up with over the years, giving them a place to talk about their courses with young people looking to take dance further than their local dance school.

Check out our 1st event
SOAR British Championships

British Dance Championships

With all of our regionals, we at SOAR knew the standard was getting super high so we wanted to put on an event that saw dance schools from all over Britain battle it out for the Best of British.

It gave schools something to work towards and to qualify in their regionals knowing they would be able to get to the SOAR British Dance Championships and rock.

Check out our previous events

The overall aim for us at SOAR is to ensure we are providing exceptional events, bringing people together from all across the world. We want the next generation of young dancers to feel like there is no limit to where dance can take you.


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